Dana White on Conor McGregor, Dustin Poirier and the release of Ottman Azaitar from UFC

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Ahead of UFC 257, Dana White was pleased to see Conor McGregor in a good place, expects a better showing from Dustin Poirier seven years on and explains why Ottman Azaitar has been cut from the UFC.
Watch #UFC257: Poirier v McGregor on January 23rd, live on BT Sport Box Office.

Kidas Vor 25 Tage
ASSASSINxTube Vor 27 Tage
lol Ottman should do a new Fighting Event
Parano Tv
Parano Tv Vor 28 Tage
Ottman azaitar is an amazing fighter!
Hamid Jan
Hamid Jan Vor 29 Tage
Abu zeiter is the NEW UFC Record no one can beat Him Thats why Dana Said HE should out .. When Dana out Osman Zeiter from UFC Dana is not a Motivation man . He must give him a chance...
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Vor Monat
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to shimmy across 4 balconies....🤔🤣🤦‍♂️
‡ G҉A҉S҉H҉ ‡
‡ G҉A҉S҉H҉ ‡ Vor Monat
Och Ottmann, warum machste so was, du Trottel?!
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Vor Monat
great vid babe
inder jeet
inder jeet Vor Monat
Ottman: we're not here to take part.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Vor Monat
Good for him 👏
sokin jon
sokin jon Vor Monat
amazing how the lack of one comma can clickbait the entire world
Sufiyaan M
Sufiyaan M Vor Monat
Ottman: “I’m not here for a long time, I’m here for a good time”
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Vor Monat
Charlie 🫒 era would get stopped fast by khabibi
Derrick Wojak
Derrick Wojak Vor Monat
I wonder wtf was in the bag.
Hwibok Lee
Hwibok Lee Vor Monat
Dana seems about to cry...
sokin jon
sokin jon Vor Monat
Bald Ethan Hunt over here.
joni de la paternal
joni de la paternal Vor Monat
Oliva biscuit is Next in line
De Bond
De Bond Vor Monat
Othman stupid fool!! Bye bye!
Calam Couzens
Calam Couzens Vor Monat
Dana looks like he’s been crying 🥲
Hdhhd Hdhhf
Hdhhd Hdhhf Vor Monat
yes his daddy lost in a fashion way
Linh Lee
Linh Lee Vor Monat
RUN, RUN Khabib, with your little belt, so desperately trying to staying undefeated!! COWARD!
Will Taylor
Will Taylor Vor Monat
This was textbook Islamic terrorism in the name of the Democratic party.
Riz Vor Monat
Dustin done it, well deserved. Which means khabib probably won't comeback as he's beaten both of them.
The incredible lengths they went to, as well as his ominous Instagram message, make it appear like something serious may have happened tonight on fight island had there been no intervention. Glad they were sussed early.
Check On this
Check On this Vor Monat
Kevin lee was in the bag
Daniel Radivojevic
Daniel Radivojevic Vor Monat
Ottman on the naughty list with Paul daley now
vinni mac
vinni mac Vor Monat
Poor poirior
hicham afif
hicham afif Vor Monat
Good for him 👏
vago Vor Monat
Trap Card
Trap Card Vor Monat
Charlie 🫒 era would get stopped fast by khabibi
D.I.Y Ninja
D.I.Y Ninja Vor Monat
What a shame because Ottman was knocking guys out for fun, entertaining fighter.
Sanat Srivastava
Sanat Srivastava Vor Monat
Bald Ethan Hunt over here.
g draper
g draper Vor Monat
Pettyness getting rid of ottoman like that.
fiqipraramadhan Vor Monat
It's really embarrassing to act shady like that, what a way to get cut
M N Vor Monat
Harsh on azaitar
「XØXØXØ」 Vor Monat
This’s like the punishment Adam & Eve got for eating the apple😐! However, Conor dolly situation(the ufc 9/11) wasn’t a safety threat at all d!€khead 🤨
ericbak76 Vor Monat
What's in the bag? Whaaats in the bag? (Brad Pitt voice)
S LT Vor Monat
What was in the bag
The Vampire
The Vampire Vor Monat
Corror Is win in round one def
Informed Choice
Informed Choice Vor Monat
Very suspicious behaviour. Shady.
X Æ A-12
X Æ A-12 Vor Monat
The bag with something for Connor, wasn’t it...hmm.
all4one together4all
all4one together4all Vor Monat
Wtf just happened wtf was in that bag ????
Ryan Sanchez
Ryan Sanchez Vor Monat
patrick bateman
patrick bateman Vor Monat
What was in the bag? Jamal Khashoggi
Gabriel Vor Monat
13-0, man. 12 finishes, 1 decision...what a waste.
Over Heated EsKim0
Over Heated EsKim0 Vor Monat
Dana is always saying that. "This fight is going to break all the ppv records". He said Khabib was going to beat the highest PPV number Vs Justin and he only pulled 625k. I'm sure it's going to be a big number but not 2.2 million
Yasin Walid
Yasin Walid Vor Monat
He looks rascist to me look at his face
Youssef Mc
Youssef Mc Vor Monat
Bruh wtf !!!
fatbaldguy Vor Monat
wtffffffffffff nooooo wayyy brooo wooooow what a fukn shame omggg
Meancanadian Vor Monat
I got broom sticks thicker than Charlie olives.
J Robertson
J Robertson Vor Monat
Wikipedia 1/23/2021: Ottman Azaitar is a German mixed martial artist who formerly competed in the Lightweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
Sohaib Abbasi
Sohaib Abbasi Vor Monat
Andy جيتز
Andy جيتز Vor Monat
The cut was due to racism and islamophobia. If he was white he’s get a second chance. But it’s the world we live in
M. Boyd
M. Boyd Vor Monat
I think the back was full of pork 🐽. Haram boyyy
Flying Viking
Flying Viking Vor Monat
How dumb can this Ottman guy be? This pisses me off. He had 13 fights and 11 KOs or something and was undefeated. Such a bright future and what now? I was so excited to see how far he could take it in the UFC. Btw, didn't quite get what was with the bag... Was he trying to sneak something into the hotel? Can someone please clear that up?
S Moin
S Moin Vor Monat
As long as I know it was clothes in the bag. He got somebody from outside into that bubble. That's health issues violence that's why he's been kicked out of UFC
theboxing historian
theboxing historian Vor Monat
Ottoman, Who the fook is that guy
Alfy1ok Vor Monat
I need to know what was in the bag
Kevin S
Kevin S Vor Monat
That needs to be a Hitman game level. And conclude it with the assassination of big DW
Frutzburd Vor Monat
Many thanks to the subtitles for introducing Justin Gateshead
Grove Gucci
Grove Gucci Vor Monat
Anyone got a link?
reza f
reza f Vor Monat
No long ego ,I saw all of UFC events
Andy Vor Monat
This can be something very serious. He could have delivered poison, firearms or other safety issue components. This could have been a premeditated assassination on a specific fighter or life threatening event planned by his team.. This is a huge issues. I heard his whole team gave all their wrist bands out to other people. This entire team is bad news.
Dartes Vor Monat
smfh journalists still asking the winner of a fight to the boss 🤦‍♂️
Michael Elkorr
Michael Elkorr Vor Monat
What a gangster click bait title
karim Vor Monat
Conor throws a dolly into a bus , fighters gets injured, some fights are cancelled. He goes to jail... UFC didn't do anything, here one mistake cut immediatly. That's good to be a superstar !
Kabob Vor Monat
Ottman: "I see holes in the bubble"
Maskulin Power
Maskulin Power Vor Monat
Renno Mus
Renno Mus Vor Monat
I think it is racism because he is from an Arab country and the reason is unknown 😡
Danny Shahir
Danny Shahir Vor Monat
Connor looks very focused. Hope he gets his rematch with khabib
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse Vor Monat
New drinking game , take a shot every time Dana blinks
brodey lee
brodey lee Vor Monat
Probably just hangin for a cone
Selma Vor Monat
OTTMAN WHYYYYYYYY ????? WYF...........
yassine yassou
yassine yassou Vor Monat
wierd story
Sukh121 Vor Monat
Send me message, like location location, doesn't matter. Any balcony I climb doesn't matter.
Soufiane Vor Monat
What about Conor throwing stuff on the bus, and about to kill people ? that was nothing right ? Ottman out of the UFC is absolutely an unfair decision. He deserves a punishment but not to dump him out of the UFC.
Summer Breeze
Summer Breeze Vor Monat
Charlie Olives would be the one to make Khabib unretired
rasta man
rasta man Vor Monat
Dana.. 1080p baaabbbbyyy
Grant Hirobumi
Grant Hirobumi Vor Monat
What was in the fookin' bag?!?!
kal choudhury
kal choudhury Vor Monat
Why Ottman why??? Ffs!!
Moad Ammar
Moad Ammar Vor Monat
What does he mean shimmied acroos 4 balconies??
Haramburg Vor Monat
Climbing up to the 4th floor
munim chakaf
munim chakaf Vor Monat
Ottman azaitar merwcw un castigo pero no expulsarle de UFC y mcgregor con car bus que?
Sam Newman
Sam Newman Vor Monat
what a suprise ottman was with ali and his rat team
Niall Cnoc
Niall Cnoc Vor Monat
What was in the bag?
Arab Patriot
Arab Patriot Vor Monat
Just suspend him or something the brothers azaitar are very talented
Infamousfpv Vor Monat
For those that were wondering ehat was inside the bag... Inside info tells me that it was Taverdyans striking playbook.
Paulo J.
Paulo J. Vor Monat
He and his team ... wow i couldnt beleive Firaz would allow that
Dax Bruce
Dax Bruce Vor Monat
He was the hacker
Paulo J.
Paulo J. Vor Monat
I wonder if we could get the side of ottoman team ... i mean Firaz was inckuded, he said team
K M Vor Monat
a bit of an overreaction cutting Ottman from the roster according to me. Cancelling his fight is enough punishment since he doesn't get paid
Aaron Rubalcava
Aaron Rubalcava Vor Monat
Just cancelling his fight? He put the whole island and event in jepoardy.
Allah-al watan-almalik Allah-al watan-almalik
Allah-al watan-almalik Allah-al watan-almalik Vor Monat
10000% agree,
ErrxrGRM Vor Monat
They are talking about Olives far too much, I think Khabibs picked him out and they just gotta let things play out so it doesn't look like he's cherry picking...
Kung Truth Fighting
Kung Truth Fighting Vor Monat
well i agree it's bad to not respect covid rules but to go as far as cutting someone from the whole organisation it's a bit too much imo
Hanoi Tripper
Hanoi Tripper Vor Monat
Who is otman
Chandra Shekher Mishra
Chandra Shekher Mishra Vor Monat
Plot twist: Conor McGregor, Dustin Poirier and Ottman Azaitar have been cut from the UFC.
Rasa Rom
Rasa Rom Vor Monat
The guy was cut for getting a door dash, azaitar is well connected and Dana is a dead man walking
Haramburg Vor Monat
Azaitar is known as a criminal here in Germany since years. Also his brothers. Dana and his lawyers are gonna destroy the azaitars. Dana is connected to EVERYBODY in the world. Azaitar is a nobody compared to Dana
Latif Lk AfG
Latif Lk AfG Vor Monat
Streamers hiding in the comments lmao
LN Vor Monat
Probably Ali abdelaziz will put Ottman in the UFC again very soon
Shawn Curtis
Shawn Curtis Vor Monat
Did they cancel the event
the exceptional eGYPTIAN
the exceptional eGYPTIAN Vor Monat
fun fact: technically he was released tomorrow, 1/23 saturday morning in uae lol
꧁Keller Vollmember꧂
꧁Keller Vollmember꧂ Vor Monat
Because Ottman was Doped
Conor Vor Monat
I literally cannot buy this ppv because in Ireland it is only available through one tv provider, in which I don’t have 😭. I have no choice but to stream the fight (better buy a vpn to hide from dana)
Young King
Young King Vor Monat
What ever happen with Ottman i don’t care he is a good fighter and a good man, there is a reason of him doing that. he will be a champion soon Good luck to him.
Haramburg Vor Monat
He will Never fight for the UFC again. MARK MY WORDS
Severus Snape
Severus Snape Vor Monat
My dude tryna do real life Mission Impossible
Team TayTay
Team TayTay Vor Monat
Tom Cruise was just trying to save the world
Dan Baloyi
Dan Baloyi Vor Monat
What was in the bag? 🤔
Black Panther
Black Panther Vor Monat
What a terribly worded, clickbait title.
Saad Saleem
Saad Saleem Vor Monat
Ottoman Was the illegal streamer Dana was talking about in the press conference
Eazy Peazy
Eazy Peazy Vor Monat
Yeah but what was in the bag⁉️
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