"Khabib exceeded everything we did" Daniel Cormier breaks down Khabib v Gaethje, Jon Jones, Adesanya

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Daniel Cormier speaks to Adam Catterall about #UFC254, the future of Khabib Nurmagomedov, Jon Jones, and Israel Adesanya.
The former two-weight UFC champion tells an anecdote about Khabib joining AKA and forming what is now the 'Four Kings'...
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Join us live from #UFCFightIsland as Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaethje face the media for the first and final time ahead of their lightweight title fight on Saturday.
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Robert Edwards
Robert Edwards Vor 20 Tage
9:28 For Khabib talk
Jayjay Vor 21 Tag
Unfortunately we will never see Khabib get 30-0 now
Sketch shop
Sketch shop Vor 28 Tage
Legends says Conor still tapping and saying, mar mar mar mar
Sketch shop
Sketch shop Vor 28 Tage
Conor still gets nightmares when his wife on top of him.
Fabian Grasser
Fabian Grasser Vor Monat
Is his eye OK?
Subspicion Vor Monat
I agree with DC at the end Chimaev should definitely stick at 170. Feels a more natural weight for him plus there's more interesting fights there, also nobody really likes the Champ at that weight class anyway so another guy who can possibly take the belt from toe stomper Usman would gain more fans automatically lol. Plus i just can't see Chimaev really beating any of the top 5 guys at Middleweight. As DC says, they're all much bigger than he is and as a wrestler predominantly size matters.
Ben Rochford
Ben Rochford Vor Monat
Been thinking of buying those vapourmax fly knits but with the yellow heel piece 🤔
Mohsin Rashid
Mohsin Rashid Vor Monat
Daniel "Exceed" Cormier
Andrew Cramer
Andrew Cramer Vor Monat
The end of the AKA reign
Gabriel Felix
Gabriel Felix Vor Monat
Nah, wait until they start giving Islam higher ranked opponents ;)
Hell On Earth Entertainment
Hell On Earth Entertainment Vor Monat
Daniel Cormier is such a great man.
James Hutto
James Hutto Vor Monat
Khabib made it look easy. Crazy
Zoltan the Texan
Zoltan the Texan Vor Monat
❤️ DC
arize king
arize king Vor Monat
lets get Khabib to 29 million followers on insta, as a token of appreciation 🤝 🤝 🤝 🤝 🤝
Jhon Famo
Jhon Famo Vor Monat
DC shelf life= best in the business. Grounded family man. Now a commentator and coach. Dream life Champ champ
Altair Carter
Altair Carter Vor Monat
When a storm is coming, all other birds seek shelter. The eagle alone avoids the storm by flying above it. Tonight Khabib will fly like an eagle and remain undefeated. Tonight the eagle will feast. 😁🦅💪
Bes Endis
Bes Endis Vor Monat
We want 30-0 Khabib
Dr Dre 3009
Dr Dre 3009 Vor Monat
From Dana white to Daniel black 😎
Armageddon Vor Monat
One of them gonna brake some bones in this fight and don't trust the jury scumbags stole Loma his belts to !!
mohammed magdy
mohammed magdy Vor Monat
I freaking love DC so much what a brother and a great person he is
Enyang Wang
Enyang Wang Vor Monat
negotation for khabib must be easy as hell :D ali: 10 mio. dana: ok
ATK 86
ATK 86 Vor Monat
Love hearing DC speak. So much to offer the sport now after his retirement. If I could choose one fighter to share a beer with, it would be this man, all class 👏 🍻
Юра Ким
Юра Ким Vor Monat
Amazing host. Nice to see someone who is a fan of the sport and asks the right questions without trying to be edgy.
WhaleBomb Vor Monat
British are the best when it comes to interviews No hype just straight to the point
HQ AA Vor Monat
BT sport 🔥
JoeyG Vor Monat
DC thinking about who's probably online PS4 right now bet
sammi rahimi
sammi rahimi Vor Monat
I love DC and Khabib Friendship
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez Vor Monat
Give this man a raise great interview!
Radio Raheem
Radio Raheem Vor Monat
No, Justin isn't scary nor dangerous to Khabib! No one is! At least for the 28-0 Khabib had so far! 🤷🤷
yourself88xbl Vor Monat
Top notch interviewer. He's engaged asked interesting questions. Sound and shots are on point. Take notes journalist.
Mitchell Runyon
Mitchell Runyon Vor Monat
Mimi Gaga
Mimi Gaga Vor Monat
DC heart felt relationship..👍
Michael Frith
Michael Frith Vor Monat
Khabib wasn't even khabib until he fought Conor. Conor made him by taking that fight. And it was short notice, conor had an injury and a bullshit camp due to injury and short notice. Still he took a fight he didn't have to, and made khabib a star. Khabib is a coward and will never be the goat if he doesn't rematch Conor. The only way to be cemented as the goat a silence millions of Conor fans is to prove he can beat Conor any day, not just when he's injured and short notice!
Dan H
Dan H Vor Monat
I was waiting for them to spot eachother on that bench press
Maverick Musique
Maverick Musique Vor Monat
Covid has killed more famous people than anyone i kmow
Robert Schmidt
Robert Schmidt Vor Monat
Great interview.
Osman s
Osman s Vor Monat
The interviewer is really good at his job.
Johnny Pitbull
Johnny Pitbull Vor Monat
Can anybody imagine if Khabib knocks Justin out in the first minute? He's gonna reach instant God Status then, not meant to be disrespectful towards Islam, it's just a metaphor
Pi Y
Pi Y Vor Monat
seems like Emirati propaganda is working
TheSpecialOne Vor Monat
The best friend ever outside dagestan..
johnny garcia
johnny garcia Vor Monat
A.K.A. got good because of Luke and his savagness
Heinz Ramirez
Heinz Ramirez Vor Monat
DC going to speak extra loud about what Khabib needs to do live giving pointers to the "audience"
Wilma dickfit?
Wilma dickfit? Vor Monat
GSP 🐐 is the only one who can beat khabib
casillasscorer Vor Monat
Are they legally required to ask how the hospitality is? Every weigh in, every interview with fighters, every random interaction with the press.
ifitscool Vor Monat
I like both fighters a lot but... Tomorrow night, Khabib will finally bleed.
Van Dan
Van Dan Vor Monat
Carlos Wehi
Carlos Wehi Vor Monat
Dc is a really decent man Respect him heaps
Joey Kozma
Joey Kozma Vor Monat
DC's favorite word is "right" thats all he says, right?!
Eric X
Eric X Vor Monat
My favorite fighter of all time. I’ve been watching him fight since late 2008. 12 years!
Sergio Jokanov
Sergio Jokanov Vor Monat
DC is a good commentator.
Яъкуб Муслим
Яъкуб Муслим Vor Monat
Daniel Comrie was champion but I knew he is also champion outside
BoxingMonthly Vor Monat
WWYD78 Vor Monat
Im glad the fans embrace DC now he deserves it
Erick Vor Monat
it's always good listening to DC
deeshmond Vor Monat
I’d watch any BT sport interviewer over Helwani any day
J S Vor Monat
DC is the best thing the UFC has going as far as announcing. He is the best mind to have behind the desk. I wish we could get people like DC in judges chairs.
REZシ Life
REZシ Life Vor Monat
Who commented "Justin Geathje is the type of guy to smile when he steps on a Lego" ? I seen that comment and can't find it to like it. Im so dead lol
AR Rom
AR Rom Vor Monat
Unfamiliar Light
Unfamiliar Light Vor Monat
We love Adam and Dan from BT. Solid sports journalists. DC Big brother! looking good Champ.
Mani Vor Monat
I think Khabib will be fine. Remember that he fought while his wife was giving birth, his mind and spirit are unbreakable
Paul J
Paul J Vor Monat
Justin will win fight via knock out!
bo jam
bo jam Vor Monat
This dude is legit. He know his stuff and how to conduct an interview! Great content
F B Vor Monat
Khabib time
Mahmud MMQ
Mahmud MMQ Vor Monat
DC one of the coolest guy in the UFC.
buggedmusik Vor Monat
Great interview
Gaiman Fan
Gaiman Fan Vor Monat
Sam Lagos
Sam Lagos Vor Monat
Is anyone else bored of seeing DC? Seriously having this guy commentate on fights is pathetic when Khabib is his mate
Salman NABIJI Vor Monat
Love to see khabib in octgon Again by his unbeatable record
gaga77 Vor Monat
Has DC got a picture of his family round his neck? Ahah what a guy.
Faithful Loyal Servant
Faithful Loyal Servant Vor Monat
If Cormier and or Bispin are narrating a fight, I can’t listen to them, and I have to lower the volume to zero. Great athletes and I also think they might be good guys but, I am not sold with them after getting used to Rogen, Cruz, Anik.
David myatt
David myatt Vor Monat
Khabib 29-0👊
Al Sayid
Al Sayid Vor Monat
What do I know, but to me DC comes across as a very good analyst.
Rusty D
Rusty D Vor Monat
I used to not like DC back in the Jon Jones rivalry era but DC is a sophisticated stand up guy
Mister right
Mister right Vor Monat
I always wonder why I hated DC that much. I always ask myself why I didn't find a way to like jon jones as much as I do without hating DC. I feel gulty though
David Walsh
David Walsh Vor Monat
Come back dc
uzaer ahmed
uzaer ahmed Vor Monat
Adam Catterall is really good at this. Nice, respectful, cheerful, knowledgeable. Keep it up BT
Captain Yoobka
Captain Yoobka Vor Monat
Eagle 29-0 insaAllah 💪💞🇧🇩👌
Keo sae
Keo sae Vor Monat
DC got my respect ✊ great interview.
Billy File
Billy File Vor Monat
Wtf... Cormier knows Khabibs father did NOT die from Covid. He died from a heart attack, during heart surgery. Why is everyone always promoting Covid and fear. Its lies.
Ahmad Sufian
Ahmad Sufian Vor Monat
Best MMA media ever
Steve Miller
Steve Miller Vor Monat
Dc bugs !!!!!!!!!!!
Keo sae
Keo sae Vor Monat
Raqeeb Ali
Raqeeb Ali Vor Monat
The word DC was looking for at 16:45 is “a lot of moving parts here” Chale: Ok, great!
John E
John E Vor Monat
It's hard to find a guy who embodies legacy, humility, charisma, ego, humour, toughness, softness, smartness, experience and honesty but still fits in as the average joe. DC has an indescribable personality which is underestimated.
Momo's Breath
Momo's Breath Vor Monat
Gaethje wins then McGreggor challenges Gaethje where McGreggor is more comfortable to fight with. If this happens something is wrong with the sport.
Luke S
Luke S Vor Monat
Got him as the next ufc President dc definitely
Man Discovers Tech
Man Discovers Tech Vor Monat
Lol why does everyone keep saying BT sport is smashing it out the park? Am I missing something? Please explain
drsupremo88 Vor Monat
They should do sumfin like rush hour with dc and khabib lol
One Skill Point
One Skill Point Vor Monat
I like that Khabib isn't doing the Floyd Mayweather approach. I love Floyd but his number 49 and 50 stood no chance. Khabib has the fastest on the rise person in Justin at 29, and if he wins he wants GSP who has everything to gain and is a legend. And if GSP doesn't do it, he's willing to do Tony. Those are 3 tough fights to end your career off on.
Dulche Leche
Dulche Leche Vor Monat
I like this reporter! He's Good at what he does
الأسود العنسي
الأسود العنسي Vor Monat
DC is awesome.
Powerlove Vor Monat
DC has turned into a great commentator. Good Job !
Roman Lov
Roman Lov Vor Monat
dc is a peoples champ
Brandon Salyer
Brandon Salyer Vor Monat
DC is a puppet
Ryan John
Ryan John Vor Monat
I’m American so it hurts my souls to admit BT is my favorite coverage by far
Evil Memeboi
Evil Memeboi Vor Monat
American media is corrupt and always stirring the pot. This is the truthful reporting and no agendas being pushed. Hell, I’m a Brit and all espn post is Lebron hating trump
Maryam Kim
Maryam Kim Vor Monat
Quality is just quality.
Alika Publico
Alika Publico Vor Monat
i am confused? 2020 to 2012 is 8 years? How did DC round up?
A B Vor Monat
Blacksheep Vor Monat
Get this idiot out of here. Yall have dan hardy, john gooden and caroline pierce and yall put this guy up to bat? He struck out already wit the khabib interview why he still around. He the worst interviewer behind ariel helwani just not as professional or notable but still a tool like helwani
Metal 1
Metal 1 Vor Monat
Love Adam Catterall & the BT Sport coverage,only really watch the big ufc fights but I watch all of their stuff lol
Foul Productions
Foul Productions Vor Monat
Shahablo Vor Monat
DC acknowledging Gaethje's striking makes me think they're going to have Khabib stand and bang w him...
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